Support Local Live Comedy Zine

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"Guys, guys - before you leave, I brought my guitar and I thought maybe we could 'jam' about supporting local comedy, yeah? Cool cool cool."

"Hey gang, so it’s actually really important to support local comedy, yeah? Sweet, let’s do some groovy leafleting."

These are both things you can say to your really cool friends when you show them a copy of this zine, and then force them to photocopy it because you're a cool but intense fan of local comedy. We don't want to charge you for what is essentially the most earnest zine in the world, but bung us a quid (and a bit because of stupid listing fees) and we'll post you one. Alternatively, if you meet Lise at a gig, she'll give you a copy (seriously, just take them from her, spare the rest of the audience).

16 pages, black and white.

The Bumper Book of Comedy Colouring (Vol. 1)

"Lise and Jenny were basking in the glory of their first published colouring book* when inspiration (or desperation to remain cool and relevant) struck. A new colouring book full of all** their favourite comedians! 
This is that book. 
Try and colour within the lines. Or don't you're your own person and you can do what you want, that's cool too. 

*The Elis James and John Robins Colouring Experience. Google it. 
**Most. Well, some. A handful, perhaps. "

This zine features 30 of Lise and Jenny's favourite funny people to colour in, each one with their own individual activity. 
Ever wanted to design flyers, book the guests for QI, or write your own comedy songs? Then this is the book for you! 
Perfect for fans of comedy, colouring, and general whimsy.


A Zine About Machynlleth Comedy Festival 2017

"It's the last weekend of April, we've spent most of the day on the train, and now have three days of great shows to see at Machynlleth Comedy Festival. I have documented a handful of these, from what was probably the most joyful weekend of the year."

This is a 28-page zine about Mach fest (or the secret Welsh festival). I've chronicled some of the most memorable moments of the shows this year, including Pappy's Secret Dudes Society and Flatshare Slamdown, James Acaster at the Mach showcase, Austentatious, Sara Pascoe, and many more. 

Before putting the zines through to print, I need to have some idea of numbers, so by purchasing it through this listing you'll help me gauge the interest and speed along the process to get the first run of copies ready to ship off to you. As a thank you for purchasing this and being patient as it goes through the printing process, I will sign and number each copy of the initial print run.

The Elis James And John Robins Colouring Experience

"Resident Illustrators In Chief Jenny Grene and Lise Richardson have combined forces to create this Elis and John colouring book! Now you too can own a piece of the magic they have spread throughout the PCD family for years."


Improv Zine featuring Up The Antics

Created for a university assignment, this is an activity zine featuring Bristolian sketch and improv group Up The Antics. It was written with Peter Jones, who is a member of the group.