Issue one is available to buy at every Saddlegoose Comedy show.  

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The Independent Comedy Appreciation Society is a fully illustrated magazine about supporting and encouraging independent live comedy, with curated contributions from acts, venues, and comedy enthusiasts. No other publication exists on this topic (Fringepig is probably the closest thing, and that's quite specific to the Fringe) and having trialled the distribution of handmade zines at gigs and venues around Bath and Bristol, I found that there is an audience of comedy fans and performers that isn't being catered for. 

If you’re not sure what independent comedy is, here’s how I’d describe it; interesting, original and thoughtful comedy where the end goal is not fame or money. Those things are nice, but the point is to create something that is unique to the performer rather than emulating the material or style of big telly comedians. This magazine exists not only to provide a platform for those kind of acts to have their work published, but also as a show of love and encouragement for all of the independent comedy community.


Are you a comedian, run gigs, or just love indie comedy? Perhaps you'd like to write about it, or tell a story, or make up a quiz? Whatever it is you'd like to submit, I'm all ears! All submissions (unless they're picture-based) that make it into the mag will be illustrated by me, and you'll get a lovely printed copy. 


This project is very much a labour of love and I really appreciate those of you who are willing to spare your time and effort for little but love and goodwill from myself, just to make the Independent Comedy Appreciation Society happen. If any profit is made from the magazine, then you will always be my first port of call, and for the acts amongst you, I will always do what I can to book you for nice paid gigs. But for now, all I can do is sincerely thank you for helping make a little magazine about live comedy with me.